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Facility Cleaning


Specialist Commercial Cleaning & Maintenance

Our cleaning service is often described as office cleaning, although in many cases the type of buildings and facilities we clean don’t fall into that category. We service many different types of environment, each with their own unique needs. Such as Hotels, factories, nursing homes and empty tower blocks to name a few. UCC also open windows, turn heating on and provide general maintenance to empty office blocks. This service ensures that the building is kept in a good and presentable state ready for instant use when the space is occupied again.

We are experienced in providing a first class commercial facility cleaning service in fast moving environments such as shopping centers and 24 hour cleaning services for areas such as Schiphol Airport. Due to all personnel being security screened we also cater for high security buildings such as Embassies and the finance industry.

Whatever type of environment you manage or building size that you control, contact us to discuss what is important for you. Together we can work on a solution that will deliver the result you are looking for and a problem solved.

Call us on 023 5762 395 or email at sales@ucc-services.nl. We will be happy to discuss our services in more detail and arrange an onsite appointment to introduce UCC on a more personal level.