Our team at UCC-Services

Cleaning involves people and more importantly it is best done by reliable professionals. People that can handle responsibility, work independently and have an eye for detail. People that provide a clean and fresh environment to work in. It puts a smile on the faces of our customers and the employees of UCC-Services alike.

UCC-Services is always looking for motivated people that want to work in the cleaning industry. We are often looking for part-time and sometimes full-time staff. It is important that you are motivated and enjoy the physical challenge of cleaning for result.

Working at UCC-Services means working in an ambitious team in a dynamic and international environment. A team that works in a professional manner to offer the best possible service to our customers. A lot of our customers are based at Schiphol. These customers require security screened staff. Before you come and work with us you will be tested and screened by the AIVD. When you have passed the security screening assessment you can start working for UCC-Services. For more detailed information checkout our page about the security screening process.

We are looking for people that are experienced in cleaning, service oriented and that have a good knowledge of English and/or Dutch. Contact UCC-Services if you possess all these qualities and would like to find out what the career opportunities are.