Carpet cleaning Amsterdam area! UCC Cleaning Services is the carpet specialist.

carpet cleaning amsterdam areaDo you have stains in your carpet or is your carpet dirty? Do you live in Amsterdam or is your hotel or business located in the Amsterdam Area? Then your carpet is ready for thorough carpet cleaning in Amsterdam area by UCC Services. UCC Services is the specialist in the field of carpet cleaning & restoration. We deep clean your carpet with environmentally friendly cleaning products. Our carpet cleaning technique is carried out by certified and fully security screened personnel. The employees of UCC Services are all security screened for good behavior due to our work in sensitive areas such as Schiphol Airport, Hotels, Embassies and for the private sector. Our employees have all the know-how in the field of carpet cleaning and hard floor maintenance including Granite & Marble floors. Providing effective carpet cleaning & restoration services removes bacteria, dust mites and allergens

Carpet cleaning Amsterdam area by UCC Cleaning Services! That is best for your carpet.

At UCC Carpet Cleaning & restoration, your carpet or hard floor is in good hands. The carpet cleaning method we use in the Amsterdam area is as follows. Carpet is sprayed with sustainable, environmentally friendly cleaning products which will break down the soiling. We then treat the carpet with our neutralizer cleaning product which is necessary to create a chemical reaction in order for 90% of the soiling to disperse. The mixing process is conducted by use of highly absorbent pads. By moving over the carpet with our powerful rotary machines and hot pads, the two cleaning agents split due to the high temperature, the soiling will then become loose and rise to the surface of the carpet. We can then collect the dirt and soiling by use of pads. Your carpet comes back to life with a like new look, disinfected and clean

Benefit of UCC Carpet Cleaning in the Amsterdam area!

The great advantage of the carpet cleaning technique from UCC Services is that the carpet is completely DRY on completion, all areas remain open whether it be a house, office or hotel. This Carpet Cleaning method is ideal for carpets in hotel rooms and aisles where areas are in constant use. On the advice of one of our specialists, it is also possible to apply the extraction method to extract soiling from high volume traffic areas such as corridors, walk in mats and entrances. Hot water extraction is when we need to get in deep, carpets such as high profile in design is where we would utilize extraction. This is where cleaning solutions are sprayed into the carpet with environmentally friendly and responsible products and is immediately absorbed. Grease, oil and mud are extracted from the fiber of the and vacuumed up with our industrial strength vacuums. With the heated pads and the rotary cleaning, your carpet will rise again. The carpet always smells fresh upon completion and a walk around/inspection is welcomed when the carpet cleaning has been completed. Service with a shine!

Carpet cleaning Amsterdam area:

Our low moisture carpet cleaning services carried out in the Amsterdam area is ideal for carpets that are frequently used in areas such as the following:

  • Business Lounges
  • hotel rooms and aisles
  • restaurants
  • office buildings
  • houses
  • movie theaters

Main Advantages:

  • Carpets DRY on completion.
  • No noise – our operatives can be seen but not heard.
  • Upto 150 m2 per hour.
  • Complete disinfection with carpets being PH neutral on completion.
  • Environmentally friendly, sustainable cleaning solutions – Non hazardous
  • Uniformed & security screened personnel
  • Local staff

Contact Carpet cleaning Amsterdam area

Would you like more information about our carpet cleaning & restoration services in the Amsterdam region? Or do you have questions and would you like advice from one of our specialists? Then contact UCC Cleaning Services today. We carry out carpet cleaning activities throughout the Netherlands. But overall in Amsterdam area.

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