Restaurant Cleaning

ucc services restaurant cleaningUCC-Services can help you to provide a clean, hygienic and welcoming environment for your guests. Maintenance projects in a restaurant are always challenging. Continuity is key, as the restaurant will have to be available for your guests at all times. UCC-Services can help you clean, maintain and restore your carpets and floors. We can cover large volumes in a quick turnover time and help you plan the project to maximize efficiency 

Benefits for restaurants

You will be able to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner as we work our way around your opening hours. Your carpets and floors can suffer from heavy foot flow, weather conditions and spillage. We bring them back in shape ready for the next service.

After treatment of the carpet there will be no moisture and no odors. We restore floors to a premium condition and in doing so help to extend the floors appearance and lifespan

Important to know is that the eco-friendly solutions that we use are people, pet and food safe. For more background information please visit our pages about carpet cleaning and floor cleaning. Or contact us for an assessment for your specific needs and requirements.

In short

  • Business as usual
  • Instant dry time
  • Quick turnover time
  • Allergy-friendly maintenance program
  • People, pet and food safe
  • Security-screened staff

Carpet Cleaning

UCC-Services breathes new life into you carpets. Our carpet cleaning contributes to a hygienic, healthy and welcoming environment to eat, work and live. It looks clean, smells fresh and your carpet feels like new!

Floor Cleaning

UCC-Services has an innovative way of cleaning hard, natural, wooden and epoxy floors professionally that goes way beyond traditional cleaning techniques. We restore floors to a premium condition and in doing so help to extend the floors appearance and lifespan.

UCC-Services offer:

Continuity:   Enabling you to get on with you business
Quality:   Advanced equipment and trained cleaning specialists
Representation:   Uniformed staff trained in customer service
Reliability:   All members of staff are fully security screened

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